How to make money online

Is it possible to make money online with the help of a computer or smartphone?

Can we make money without doing any job or business?

These are the types of questions that every beginner asks.

Making money online is possible, but it is not as easy as we think. It requires effort, time, dedication, and sometimes an initial investment.

Making money online can be a good option as it offers flexibility, convenience, and a wide range of opportunities.

Here are some legitimate ways to make money online:

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the most genuine and easiest way to earn money online.

All you need is a skill in any field, like writing, graphic design, photo and video editing, web development, and many other areas.

In the freelance model, freelancers essentially function as their own bosses, choosing the clients they want to work with, setting their own rates, and determining their work schedules. They have the flexibility to take on multiple projects simultaneously or focus on a single large project, depending on their preferences and availability.

Some popular freelance platforms include Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Toptal, and Guru.

2. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, individuals or entities (known as affiliates) earn commissions by promoting products or services from other companies (merchants) through a performance-based marketing strategy.

You can read the Affiliate marketing - complete guide for all the details.

3. Start a YouTube channel

There are different types of ways to generate money from a YouTube channel. The most popular one is connecting your channel to Google AdSense to enable advertisements on your videos. You'll earn a share of the revenue generated from ads displayed before, during, or after your videos.

Other ways to make money from YouTube are:

  • Sponsorship and Brand Deals
  • Super chats and Super stickers
  • YouTube Premium Revenue

4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where a retailer (the dropshipper) sells products to customers without keeping any inventory. Instead of stocking products, the retailer purchases items from a third-party supplier, who then directly ships the products to the customer on behalf of the retailer. This means that the retailer doesn't have to handle the products physically or manage the logistics of shipping.

Here are the steps that you have to follow:

  • Setup an online store
  • Source products
  • Import product listings
  • Customer place an order
  • Notify the supplier
  • Supplier ships the product
  • Customer receives the product

Read this to know more about How to start dropshipping.

5. Start a Blog

Blogging has become a significant part of online content creation and digital media. It allows individuals and businesses to connect with their audience, share information, and express themselves freely. Blogs can also serve as platforms for discussions and interactions between bloggers and their readers through comments and social media integration.

Here are some common ways to make money from your blog:

  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored content
  • Digital Products
  • Membership or subscription model
  • Donations or crowdfunding
  • Premium content

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6. Start a Podcast channel

A podcast is an audio-based digital media format where content is presented in the form of episodes. It is similar to a radio show, but the key difference is that podcasts are pre-recorded and available for on-demand streaming or download, allowing listeners to choose when and where to listen.

Podcasts cover a wide range of topics, including news, storytelling, interviews, educational content, entertainment, and more. They offer a convenient way for creators to share their expertise, stories, and ideas with a global audience.

How Podcast works ?

7. Publish an ebook

An ebook, short for "electronic book," is a digital publication that is designed to be read on electronic devices such as e-readers, tablets, smartphones, or computers. Ebooks are the digital equivalent of printed books, but they offer several advantages, including portability, ease of distribution, and the ability to incorporate multimedia elements.

Benefits of publishing an eBook:

  • Digital Format
  • Readable on various devices
  • Adjustable text size and fonts
  • Interactive elements
  • Easy distribution
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly

How to publish an ebook?

8. Become an Instagram Influencer

Becoming an Instagram influencer involves building a strong presence on the platform, growing a substantial following, and leveraging your influence to collaborate with brands or monetize your account.

As an Instagram influencer, you can earn money through various strategies by leveraging your large and engaged following.

Here are some common ways to monetize your Instagram account:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Brand collaboration
  • Product Reviews
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Reels Bonus
  • Instagram shopping

9. Investing and Trading

Making money through investing involves putting your money into various assets with the expectation of earning a return on your investment over time.

There are some common investment options that you considered, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, peer-to-peer lending, gold, and cryptocurrencies.

Trading refers to the buying and selling of financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and derivatives, with the goal of making a profit. Traders engage in the financial markets to capitalize on short-term price movements, exploiting price discrepancies and market trends.

Scams while making money online

Scams in online earning are unfortunately prevalent and can be financially damaging and emotionally distressing for victims. Scammers take advantage of people's desire to earn money online and exploit their trust and vulnerabilities.

Here are some common scams in the realm of online earning:

1. Pyramid scams

These scams promise high returns for minimal effort. Participants are encouraged to recruit others and invest money into the scheme, with the primary focus on recruitment rather than selling legitimate products or services.

2. Fake investments opportunities

Scammers may create fake investment platforms that promise unrealistic returns on investments. They often disappear with investors' money once they have gained their trust and received deposits.

3. Work from home scams

Scams: Scammers offer work-from-home opportunities that require upfront payments for training or materials. These opportunities rarely lead to legitimate work, and victims end up losing their money.

4. Data Entry or Survey scams

Some scammers pose as companies offering data entry or paid survey jobs, requiring personal information or charging fees to access the work, but never delivering any actual work or payment.

5. Fake freelance projects

Scammers may pose as clients seeking freelancers for projects but require payment upfront for work that doesn't exist or is poorly done.

6. Fake affiliate marketing programs

Scammers create fraudulent affiliate marketing programs that promise high commissions for promoting their products, but they either do not pay commissions or provide inferior products.

7. Phishing scams

Scammers use phishing emails or websites to trick people into revealing sensitive information, such as login credentials or financial details.


To protect yourself from online earning scams, here are some precautions you can take:

  • Research opportunities thoroughly and look for reviews or testimonials from others who have tried them.
  • Be wary of offers that promise unrealistic returns or require upfront payments.
  • Verify the legitimacy of the company or individual offering the opportunity.
  • Never share personal or financial information with unknown or untrusted sources.
  • Trust your instincts; if something feels too good to be true, it probably is.

If you encounter a potential scam or have fallen victim to one, report it to the relevant authorities and platforms to prevent others from being affected.

Stay vigilant and skeptical when exploring online earning opportunities, and always prioritize your safety and security.

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